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Join our mission of developing a better future, one in which AI is used to better understand and improve the world around us.

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Moonvision is a team of smart people from around the world working together in Vienna, Austria. We help businesses to better understand the world around them through the help of AI. We want to increase the knowledge on this new technology and are committed to shaping the way AI is perceived through hands-on approaches that display its many possibilities. The result: allowing businesses to reach the next level of digitalization.

Our Principles

Playing a role in shaping AI requires responsible actors. We understand this and always stay humble and focused. We’re excited about conquering new challenges as a team and are always looking to surprise.

Practical Thinking

We are creators that aim to leave a mark, but we also understand that proper research lays the groundwork for innovation.


We are active in the open source and dev communities and love learning from our peers. We have fun collaborating and believe that diverse teams can overcome any challenge together.

Aiming High

We strive to be pioneers. We are often forced to reevaluate what we have come to think of as the “normal” way of doing things and we enjoy the steep learning curve that comes along with this.

Follow Your Heart

We tell each team member: always be yourself while valuing different opinions. Stay focused on the task at hand and speak up if you see room for improvement.


Innovations originate from a random, crazy idea by a brave mind. We love experimenting and have fun pushing boundaries.

Stay humble

We celebrate success but also stay humble. We believe that we are all here to spend our time usefully and wish to leave a positive impact.


What you can expect from working with us.

  • Learn New Things and Improve Your Skills

    We participate in hackathons, events, and meetups and contribute to open source. We will allow you to experiment and try new things, providing challenges that will help you reach the next level of your career.

  • Relocation or Remote Work

    We will help you come to us. We have relocated team members from the United States, India, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. We know how to handle apartment-hunting and complicated bureaucracy. We also work with people from around the world, allowing you to stay where you are while contributing as a freelancer. Whatever your choice – we’ll find a solution together.

  • Vienna, the Most Livable City in the World

    Our headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, the city with the best quality of life in the world. Vienna combines traditional and modern culture, has a comprehensive social security system and a low crime rate while offering good cuisine and affordable housing. Join others from all around the world who have settled in Vienna!

  • Equity Options

    We have stock options available for team members and know that success is best when it benefits others.

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