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Visual Inspection with Artificial Intelligence

Case Study

Improving industrial processes: AI automates quality control

A large chain of industrial production comes to a sudden halt. The reason: one faulty piece in a machinery of over a thousand parts. Finding the problem costs time and money. It also leads to frustration. Why not use computers to help us solve these issues in production? That’s what MoonVision thought. We’ve developed a system that identifies flaws in a production chain before they can cause a problem, saving money and simplifying upkeep through object tracking and artificial intelligence. Our solution automatically sounds the alarm when maintenance or replacement is necessary.

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Let our self-service platform for real-time object detection and surface inspection do the work. We will provide hands-on tutorials and training.

  • Time Optimization: Learn how to turn a video camera into a smart device in less than 10 minutes without technological know-how.
  • Cost Saving: Installation costs are low and object detection will lead to savings in traditional business processes.
  • Quality Control: Train a camera to monitor a process and help uphold standards.

Real-time object counting and surface analysis in three simple steps

Generating Video Data

The best way to track objects is through video. This step is often followed by a time-consuming data mining process, evaluating the insights provided by the recorded data. This is where MoonVision comes in: Our solution captures and inspects objects in real-time, conveniently automating the data-generation process.

Integrated Automation

Gaining a competitive edge through the efficient use of time and resources is crucial in any industry. We’ve designed a solution to gather big data in a semi-automated way, producing the desired results with only a handful instead of a thousand images. How do we do it? That’s our secret.

Ship it

You want to use our pipeline for model creation? Download the system and continue from there. You can also use our real-time operation and event bus to watch the machine learn and grow. Simply connect your business middleware to it and you’ve got your data stream.

About Moonvision

MoonVision is an award-winning company based in Vienna, Austria. Our international team consists of data scientists and developers, working together to make sense of the ever-evolving world around us.

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