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AI Standard for Machine Vision
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Best Quality for High Performance Processing in:

Surface analysis for production and quality assurance
Object identification and completeness check

Applied AI: Working alongside you

We fully support companies along the journey of integrating computer vision into their quality assurance and visual inspection processes. Powered by the Moonvision Toolbox, we are able to support partners with the full life-cycle of a computer vision application from requirement analysis to integration strategies. Applied AI takes tasks that are currently preformed by humans and transfers the problem into the digital domain where automation, manual effort reduction and enhanced reporting is possible. Our experienced Data Science team supports fortune 500 companies in solving complex problems on the road ahead.

Object 1
Object 2
Video gathering
Object Mining
Snapshot Detection

We enable customers to implement end-to-end deep learning processes for visual data

Counting tasks and visual inspection of surfaces are complex topics for quality assurance and automation enablers. Traditional methods cannot be used for non-trivial visual inspections and repetitive manual work is very inefficient and error-prone by definition. Our team of data scientists and engineers has developed a machine learning toolbox that puts new computer vision technology to practical use. Alongside our customers we develop new solutions for quality assurance, the automotive industry and the manufacturing industry to reduce the chance of error to zero. If you are faced with a tough challenge and need a partner that can support your end-to-end processes you are at the right place.

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🎉 Open Beta Release 🎉

We are happy to introduce the best computer vision and image annotation toolbox to the market. In the last few months our team developed a scalable and performant end-to-end platform for computer vision applications. We are excited to go into Open Beta with great free capabilities available for every user and provide the most data efficient model training for our clients.

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About MoonVision

MoonVision is an award-winning company based in Vienna, Austria. Our international team consists of data scientists and developers, working to automate visual tasks that were not possible to automate before.

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