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Automotive Industry
Inspect street conditions with surface analysis for smarter city planning

Vodafone Germany uses the Moonvision Toolbox for street surface inspection, defect detection and maintainance optimization. By detecting cracks and pot holes early Vodafone enables cities to better plan their maintanence work and keep their infrastructure in shape.

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Wood Industry
Classification and Quality Inspection

We ensure that wood processing companies only process the right wood quality.
The MoonVision software can be customized to your needs and supports you reliably with a fully automated recognition process.

Quality Assurance
Rust Detection Benchmark

A metal producer analyses used metal pieces for quality features in the utilisation process.

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Quality Assurance
Bearing Surface Analysis

Miba used the toolbox to challenge its experts in surface analysis and defect evaluation tasks for the bearing servicing process and trained the system to detect better.

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Automotive Industry
Automated Container Detection

Audi Logistics uses the toolbox for automated recognition of transport containers with cameras on their forklifts. This allows a realtime inventory of the current container quantities on the different storage spaces in Ingolstadt.

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