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Deep Learning Products for Visual Inspection

Deep Learning Products for Visual Inspection

Automated visual inspection products for checkpoints in production lines and the analysis of surfaces of different material.

Moonvision SurfaceScanner

MoonVision SurfaceScanner
Industrial quality inspection of surfaces

Boost your quality management with the MoonVision SurfaceScanner. Defects on different surfaces are visually detected and differentiated fully automatically. The results are ideal products and significantly shortened quality inspections.

Moonvision LogisticsControl

MoonVision LogisticsControl
Pallet type detection in real time

Automate your logistics processes with the efficient empty container tracking system from MoonVision - through visual object recognition on vehicles (forklifts).

Product WoodScanner with PC, Kamera und Holz

MoonVision WoodScanner
Automated surface inspection of wood

Determine precisely and automate the quality of logs before you process them. The MoonVision software uses visual data from cameras to check - whether their quality characteristics are fulfilled and which areas can be used for which applications.

Product MetalScanner with PC, Kamera und Metallstücken

MoonVision MetalScanner
Quality checks of metallic surfaces

Automate the differentiation of surface defects on metal to less than a second! The MoonVision software automatically differentiates between different surfaces and defect types and passes this information on where you need it most.

Product PaintScanner with PC, Kamera und Lackstücken

MoonVision PaintScanner
Defect detection on painted surfaces

Use the MoonVision PaintScanner to automatically inspect painted surfaces for defects and quality properties. By using visual data generated by cameras, you will be informed at an early stage whether your quality characteristics have been met and/or whether there is a need for action.

Product WeldScanner with PC, Kamera und geschweißter Halterung

MoonVision WeldScanner
Weld seam inspection & measurement

Reduce the time for measuring weld seams (e.g. according to DIN EN 17637) to less than one second! The MoonVision software automatically and precisely distinguishes the weld from the workpiece. Using a camera the system measures whether the result of the welding process fulfills your quality requirements. Different seam types are recognized and taken into account.

Product AssemblyControl with PC, Kamera und elektronik teile

MoonVision AssemblyControl
Digital assembly line inspection

With MoonVision AssemblyControl, you have a tool set for manufacturing at your disposal with which individually manufactured components can be automatically checked for their composition, positioning and alignment. On request, a target/actual comparison with your existing data sources can also be carried out. Customers benefit from a stable and reliable quality check in their production process and significantly shortened lead times.

Product Moonvision Toolbox with PC

MoonVision Toolbox
The Computer Vision Toolbox for Domain Experts

The most powerful toolset on the market.