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We Teach Machines to See the World

We Teach Machines to See the World

Our MoonVision Toolbox enables domain experts around the world to better understand, automate and quality check the processes in their responsibilities.

Enabling Experts to solve future challenges today

AI is the toolset for tomorrow’s workforce, allowing us to improve every aspect of our lives to solve the big challenges that lay in front of us. Machines will be able to see and understand their environment, to work more autonomously to our benefit. In this process the relationship between people and machines will be strengthened and will lead to more interactions between those partners.

At MoonVision, we`re providing a toolset for domain experts to teach machines on visual inspection. We help them to provide better quality assurance and process reliability in their responsibilities to reduce the chance of error to zero. The best way to prepare tomorrow’s workforce is by giving them the tools to stay in control.

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