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Pallet type detection in real time


Pallet type detection in real time

Automate your logistics processes with the efficient empty container tracking system from MoonVision - through visual object recognition on vehicles (forklifts) for complete image documentation from goods receipt to dispatch. MoonVision has the highest detection accuracy thanks to extensive experience".


  • Automated detection of container types
  • Benefit from consistent quality and reduced throughput time
  • Detection and measurement by camera & software
  • Highest accuracy & comfort through artificial intelligence
  • Visual output or forwarding to subsequent systems
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Product Overview

  • Automated component testing
  • Consistently high quality
  • Shortened lead time
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Product Details

MoonVision LogisticsControl was especially designed for the identification of containers. The automatic creation of snapshots, clustering and various methods of Object Mining quickly get an overview of all possible containers in your logistics warehouses.

When the forklift driver takes over containers, they are automatically identified by a camera mounted on the forklift truck, Subsequently the item can can be transported to the designated storage location. The recognition of the containers (type and quantity= can be transferred to the production line or during delivery to a transporation trucks.

Depending on the application, the detectioncan be delivered both for new (undamaged) and used containers, which already show signs of wear and tear.

Product overview

  • Automated container recognition
  • Reduced transfer times
  • Reduced throughput times

Available where you need it

MoonVision LogisticsControl can use all existing camera systems as data sources - which meet the Genicam standard. We are also happy to advise you on the choice of the right system. The verification can be done in real time via our online platform. Alternatively, we can also install the system on site. In both cases you get access to the MoonVision Toolbox and can make adjustments e.g. for parameter adaptation and personalization at any time.

Easy to use

Due to the software design, the optimization and implementation of MoonVision LogisticsControl can be realized with little effort at your site. Already after checking a few image/video data you can be sure about the quality, further image data can be added at a later time. All data is collected and stored centrally and can be accessed by you at any time.

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