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Quality inspection of metal parts in real time

Automated visual inspection of metal parts

Automate the differentiation of surface defects on metal to less than a second! The MoonVision software automatically differentiates between different surfaces and defect types and passes this information on where you need it most.


  • Automated quality inspection of metal surfaces
  • Benefit from consistent quality and reduced lead times
  • Detection and measurement with a camera & software
  • Highest accuracy & comfort through artificial intelligence
  • Visual Output or forwarding to subsequent systems
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Product Overview

  • Automated metal testing
  • Consistently high quality
  • Shortened lead time
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Product Details

The MoonVision MetalScanner was specially developed for the surface inspection of metal parts. New technologies such as machine learning are used to detect and classify even the smallest deviations, which are difficult for employees to detect in a short period of time. Information gathered be used to determine how to proceed with the metal part, whether it can be used for production, or whether it needs to be replaced or reported, etc. Subsequently, measurements can also be carried out. Tests can ensure that the metallic parts meet applicable standards but you can also define your own test rules.

The artificial intelligence used outshines existing approaches with regard to inspection accuracy - the evaluation process is fully automated. You profit from the time savings.

The MoonVision MetalScanner supports you in the following process steps:

  • Grain Structure Analysis
  • Rolling and casting process
  • Non-cutting forming processes such as bending and deep drawing
  • Machining production techniques
  • Surface treatment by painting, powder coating, electroplating and PVD
  • Additive processes such as sintering

The MoonVision MetalScanner can be used at different production steps from the incoming goods inspection to the outgoing goods inspection. Due to its self-sufficient design, the software can be integrated into a running production process or existing ERP systems.

At the end of the process, results can also be:

  • Displayed visually(on a monitor/alarms/storage of jpg files)
  • Transmitted in tabular form
  • Passed on to management information systems via APIs
  • Used for process control via APIs

Thanks to the MoonVision concept

  • Individual adaptations can be carried out independently
  • You stay in control of access and checkable parameters

Available where you need it

Available where you need it The MoonVision Metalscanner can use all existing camera systems as data sources - which meet the Genicam standard. We are also happy to advise you on the choice of the right system. The verification can be done in real time via our online platform. Alternatively, we can also install the system on site. In both cases you get access to the MoonVision Toolbox and can make adjustments e.g. for parameter adaptation and personalization at any time.

Simple to use

Due to the software design, the optimization and implementation of the MoonVision MetalScanner can be realized on site with little effort. Already after checking a few image/video data, you can be sure of the quality, further image data can also be added at a later point in time. All data is collected and stored centrally and can be retrieved by you at any time.

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Gallery item for product

Technical Specification

Surface inspection
Corrosion defects
Crystallographic defects
Constrictions within pipes
Colour Stain
High-contrast defects (in general)
Roughness Ra (µm)1
Roughness differentiation on a component2
Type of processing (z.B. Milling, Grinding, Planing, etc.)1
Defects on components (e.g. blowhole), which are not visible
[1] 1 guaranteed to the extent that an expert can evaluate the roughness or processing type with his own eyes.
[2] guaranteed as long as differences in contrast between the surfaces are visible.
Shape inspection
External dimensions
Position of drillings
Position von processed edges

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