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The Computer Vision Toolbox for Domain Experts

MoonVision Toolbox

The most powerful toolset on the market.

The MoonVision Toolbox is the most efficient tool to create models for automated visual quality inspection. It supports you right from the first image and ensures that you stay in control over the recognition in operation.

To get a better understanding for the capabilities of our computer vision platform we now provide a limited functionality set for free.

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Product Overview

  • Learning System
  • Simple Installation
  • Hardware agnostic

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Product Details

Groundbreaking results with only a few images

Our training pipeline delivers amazing results with only 11 Images (like in this example). Small Datasets make constant learning and internal expert usage possible.

Simple Realtime Data Management

Dataset management can be hard as datasets grow and more people need to view and edit them. We keep everything in one place so that you and your team can work in parallel and focus on making the highest quality dataset. Our realtime views update as you label and provide an immediate glimpse into your data.

Next Level Annotation

Not every dataset annotation can be outsourced when domain knowledge is required. We take a completely new approach by only requiring a few labelled images as training data to our computer vision models. We use Transfer Learning, Few Shot detection and special training procedures to enable great results with very little of your domain expert's time.

Automated Label Generation

Generate Auto Entities for Objects and Segmentation based on pre-trained networks to speed up the Labelling Process.

Single Image Recommendation System

Annotation is a hustle - we have the best label recommendation on the market in 2019. Its Accuracy of 90+ Percent already kick in with one image labeled. Fastest Labelling speed guaranteed.

Scene Detection and Clustering

Data generation with Video is cheap and simple. Extracting the moments that matter is hard. The Toolbox introduces a new and massive efficient way of data extraction.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your colleagues and create teams, allowing you to manage data together. Make sure your fellow labellers focus only on the important tasks. Get advanced analytics, such as how much is left to label.

Technical Specification

Our benefits
Data Lake - Learn once, run everywhere
APIs - Support different ERP systems, automation systems and realtime messaging systems.
Custom configurations for your specific quality criteria
Support of most production processes
Image based quality assurance reports
Video Data Processing
Support of all manufacturing processes
Adaptation to changing requirements

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